The object of the this shoot is to capture a sunrise over White Rock Lake, the Water fall over the south end of the lake, Pelicans at Pelican Point, and Camerounts on a log and in the trees by the north parking lot.

Below is the route you DON'T want to take. It was based on the last time I circumnavigated the lake in my car fifteen or twenty years ago. Since that time I have circumnavigated the lake many times on bicycle and even roller blades. It never occured to me what those barriers were all about. It's easier to follow the instructions below.

We should plan to arrive at T. P. point by 6:30 AM to prepare for a 7:00 AM "Blue Hour" and a 7:30 AM sunrise. The sun will rise from behind the trees over the Arboretum. Assuming a drive south on SH 75, the Cheesecake Factory was the nearest place Google Maps could work from.

The sunrise is the yellow line across the Arboretum

Here are some of the views from this area. This is a terrific area for birds later in the spring during nesting season.

In the 8:00 to 8:30 time frame we will to the south end of the lake. There will be birds and a water fall leaving the lake. A neutral density filter would be helpful to turn the falls into a milky white.

Here are some of the pictures we saw around the spillway:

Somewhere around 10:00 AM we will mosey on to Pelican Point. The Google route is recommended. The scenic route is NOT recommended!

Here are some of the images we captured from Pelican Point:

Later in the morning we will head out to the North parking lot:

These are some of the images we saw:

At some point we may want to break for lunch.

Jerry and I stopped at "The Lot". It has great bergers at a reasonable price.