The subject for February was part two of a two part series on Black and White Photography. Nineteen pictures were uploaded and eight prints were reviewed at the meeting. The assignment is available here. Ed Auger's class presentation is here. All of the pictures are available for review in the Black & White 11-02 album.

Into the Light

This is a terrific picture by Mary Rzucidlo. Lots of leading lines. We had quite a discussion. We thought about leaving the red coatand making the rest of the image black and white. But the red coat really wasn't the message. What we have are two people walking toward the light. Mary's rendition might be enhanced with some vignitte making it appear like walking out of the dark into the light. In the last image the color of the setting sun was retained and a vignette added.

Photographer:  Mary Rzucidlo

No camera information available