Fireworks at Grapevine Lake

Here are the viewing areas for Grapevine. Below the map are some additional links from the Grapevine Visitors Bureau.

I anchored the boat beneath the Oak Grove Park sign where I got some cool reflections off the water. We might see some interesting reflections from the top of the Gaylord parking garage. This is the first I've heard of that possibility. Generally the Gaylord has lots of restrictions. Anywhere in Oak Grove Park will get great pictures. If located close to the shore there should be good reflections off the water assuming the fireworks are aimed over the water. Another strong possibility is Rockledge Park although a good telephoto might be more appropriate.

Fireworks is at 9:30 PM. Not sure when we should arrive to lock down a good viewing area. Sooner is probably better. A cooler with some refreshing beverages might be appropriate.