Fireworks at Grapevine Lake

Here are the viewing areas for Grapevine.

Sunday, July 22:

Refer to Image 1 below.

Fireworks is at 9:30 PM. I checked out Silver Lake park last Friday, July 20th. In some ways it is better than Rockledge Park but it is not significantly closer.

Right now I am leaning toward the shore of "Katie's Woods". At 1/3 of a mile it is much closer. We should get some govod reflections. Another option is the garage top of Gaylord Center. It costs $10 to park up there but so what. I am going to check out Katie's Woods and the Gaylord Monday.

There would be a good view from Oak Grove Park but not a chance of reflections.

In another aside, I talked to the two engineers setting up the fireworks on Sand Bass Point. I asked them which direction they aimed the fireworks. I thought it would be out over the lake somewhere. They said they fired straight up! What a shock! I thought they were aiming at me all these years.


Monday, July 23:

I checked out the Gaylord parking lot and Katie's Woods.

Gaylord Parking Lot: Gaylord keeps the top deck of the parking lot free of cars on Friday Fireworks nights. There are NO restrictions on photography from the roof. After paying the $10 vehicle parking fee we would hike up from a lower deck carrying photography equipment, lawn chairs, umbrallas, flash lights, and refreshing beverages.

The top of the Gaylord parking garage is about 625' AMSL. This is about 50' higher than any terrain behind the fireworks. and almost 100' above Sand Bass Point. We should be able to get some good background environment behind the fireworks in addition to just the fireworks. Also, most fireworks go off at less than 400' AGL. Just the change in elevation should give us an interesting perspective. Katie's Woods block all reflections.

If there is interest we can schedule this at a later date.

Katie's Woods: Refer to image 2 below.

This is a terrific area. It is about a 0.2 mile hike into the woods. I plan to wear hiking shoes rather than sandles to keep the grit from between my toes. It is a cool, inviting path into the woods. On the way out of the woods it is a dark, scarey path full of rocks and stumps to stub your toe and creepy slimey slithery things that go bump in the dark. A flash light would be good; even better would be a head lamp. Headlamps go for $15 to $100+. Lowes has a couple reasonably priced ones.

For lenses at this close we will likely need wide angle 16-35 and medium 24-70 mm zooms. The 70-200mm or 100-400 mm lenses will likely be overkill. Don't forget the remote shutter release and tripod. Lawn chairs would be appropriate. The trail is a little rocky but should accomodate most coolers. There are scattered trees for shade. Sunset on Friday will be 8:31 PM.

Image 1

Image 2