The Table Top themes we have this month are

  1. Oil on Water - Bring colorful cloth, scarves, paper, images to use as backgrounds
  2. Reflective Water Drops - Bring small (~ 8.5"x11") patterns, scarves, images, wall papers to use as backgrounds
  3. Black Light - Bring whatever cool halloween like stuff that glows in the dark.
  4. Water Drop with Flash Synch - This will be in a dark room but we will need some color
  5. Textured Glass - Here again we will need colorful backgrounds for the glass to shine through
  6. Wild Flowers - What else can be said?

The photography will be between 12" to 36" distant. The lenses will need to focus in that range. Macro lenses will work. Many of the newer zooms have a macro capability allowing close focusing. Extension tubes are definitely an option to consider. These images were taken with extension tubes on a 70-300mm zoom. Camera Stop carries extension tubes for Nikon & Canon. Arlington Camera carries extension tubes for all cameras, even Sony & Pentax. Then there is always B&H, Amazon, New Egg, and Adorama.

Required Equipment:

  1. Camera
  2. Tripod
  3. Remote Shutter Release
  4. Lens with Macro or close up capability
  5. Flash that can be fired off camera using either a cable or wirelessly
  6. Pretty Backgrounds for your pictures

Below are some images we can create at this table top meetup:

Oil on Water


Art from Oil on Water


Reflective Water Drops


Black Light


Water Drops with Flash Synch


Texture Glass


Wild Flower Macro Pictures