Circle of Confusion

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Circle of Confusion explained and what it means to be in focus.

A very good graphic of the "Area of Confusion"
Circle of Confusion (CoC)


How do you determine the acceptable Circle of Confusion for a particular photo?

Depth of Field and Circle of Confusion

Circle of confusion - Definition

Hyperfocal Distance

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Understanding Your Camera's Hyperfocal Distance

Hyperfocal Distance Explained

Getting Landscapes Sharp

How to calculate hyperfocal distance

When hyperfocal distance focusing is not good enough

Hyperfocal & Depth of Field Calculators

Depth of Field

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Understanding Depth of Field for Beginners

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What is Depth of Field? How aperture, focal length and focus control

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Understanding Depth of Field: How Focal Distance Affects DOF

Download the pdf with this link

The following three images are the rig I used to demonstrate the chart above

f / 2.8

The area between the red lines are "acceptably sharp". The center of the ruler was the focus.

                   G15                               APS-c / 7D                   Full Frame / 5D

f / 5.6