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November 4, 2017

On October the moon misbehaved and rose in the wrong place. Last night the weathermen blew it. They said partly cloudy. They didn't say the partly clouds would be in front of the moon.

If we wish, our next best shot is Sunday, December 3rd. Sunset is at 5:20 PM. Moonrise is 31 minutes later at 5:51 PM. The following images show the challenge we have shooting the moon:

Below we are looking at the light blue line coming from the east.

This is what we saw last September through the bridge:


In October we still would've been looking through the bridge:


November would've been great if the clouds didn't get in the way!


Sunday, December 3rd will be our next best shot. It will be cold! Sunset is at 5:20PM. Moonrise 31 minutes later at 5:51PM.


Wednesday, January 31st may be another option. January 1st has many issues.


Here is the rough site picture we looked at.


Below is a map study. From Trinity Grove we have only four new moons worth looking at. The rest are blocked by the Margaret Hunt Bridge.