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This is an overview screen shot from Google earth of the images below.

Four locations are identified to capture iconic images. Pictures from the upper path South of Fountain Place are obscured by power lines. While content aware fill does wonders a better view might be down the slope 20' or so.

The locations are a best guess. While the Google Earth engineers have done an incredible job, many of the elevations are estimates. If the moon isn't rising in quite the right place we will need to move North a 100' or so. Be preparred!

Above is a closeup overview

Moon Viewing Locations
"Description Ground Elev (ft) Moon (Deg) Azimuth
Time Latitude Longitude
Fountain Place - Upper Trail 431 5.4 83.5 7:40 32°46'56.13"N 96°49'40.33"W
Fountain Place - Lower Trail 404 5.7 83.5 7:43 32°46'56.33"N 96°49'38.18"W
Reunion Tower 415 8.1 85.4 7:54 32°46'28.11"N 96°49'18.33"W
BOA Bldg - Upper Trail 430 8.2 85.4 7:55 32°46'43.05"N 96°49'29.46"W
BOA Bldg - Lower Trail 405 8.6 85.6 7:57 32°46'43.38"N 96°49'27.62"W
MH Bridge - Parking Lot 416 14.4 89.3 8:26 32°46'47.26"N 96°49'39.45"W
MH Bridge - Upper Trail 429 19.0 92.3 8:48 32°46'48.61"N 96°49'33.63"W
MH Bridge - Lower Trail 404 22.6 94.4 9:06 32°46'48.92"N 96°49'31.87"W

The table above are the proposed viewing locations. The same information is in the KMZ file that can be imported into Google maps.

Below are the two views looking at Fountain Place from the lower and the upper trail

Above is the Fountain Place view from the Lower Trail.

The view to Fountain Place from the upper trail

The next three views are for the Margaret Hunt Bridge

View from the lower trail.
The moon is rising above the buildings in the 7:40 to 7:50 time frame,

View from the upper trail

View from the Parking Lot.

View of the Bank of America tower from the lower trail

View of the Bank of America tower from the Upper trail


This last picture is the expected times the moon will clear the various