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The Moon at Trinity Grove


September 19, 2018

The moon last year, on November 4, 2017, rose in the right place behind Fountain Place. But as shown below, it was too cloudy that evening.

This year we have three opportunities: Wednesday, October 24, Thursday, November22, and Sunday, January 20. While the moon is at its best December 22, there are other issues. The moon gods have favored us with weekday evenings on the next two occasions. The bad cloud cover date will be the following November. The discussion in the Locations tab assumes October. If October clouds out then a similar discussion will be created for November. If we are really unlucky we may make another try in January.

This year I did a map study using the Photographer's Ephemeris and Google Earth. The images in the Location tab shows the approximate location to view the moon rising over four significant landmarks. Some significant landmarks are blocked by the bridge this month.

To the right is the KMZ file used to create the models. Double clicking on the KMZ file will load Google Earth with the model assuming you have installed Google Earth.

It is a challenge to navigate through a 3D environment using a keyboard and mouse. About ten years ago I acquired a 3DConnexion Mouse to avoid that challenge. Using some sort of a joy stick scheme is a much more enjoyable experience!

For example images taken to date, look at the Moon at Trinity Groves Album.

This moon over Dallas scene really stretches our photography skills. The trinity river bottom is in the dark light of the moon. The moon is in broad daylight at High Noon. Your camera at ISO 100 has about 14 stops or EV of light range. This scene has in the neighborhood of 20 stops or EV of light range. Our challenge is to figure out how to collapse that broad 20+ range down to the 7 or 8 EV we can display or print. The HDR & Software tabs to the right have some clues where to start.



There are many tools available to assist our scenic and landscape photography challenges. Many are available for our phones and pads including the Photographer's Ephemeris and Google Earth. If I had used these tools in earlier years we would not be going back this year!