The Heritage Farmstead Museum has graciously made a room available to us for our monthly meetings. One of the huge advantages for the Museum is having a cadre of experienced photographers available to take pictures of their special events. The Museum uses our photographs for their promotional materials.


  1. Submit only the best pictures. At Lantern Light I deleted 70% of the pictures I took. The pictures should be:
    1. Color Balanced. For Lantern Light I picked the "Shade" color balance to make the pictures warmer. Make the picture look its best.
    2. Crop for maximum interest if necessary. Simplify down to one or two main subjects. Crop or photoshop out edge distractions. If the subject is interesting but the cluttered background is a distraction, use Photoshop of a like tool to blur and / darken the background. Simplify!
    3. The subject in all pictures must be SHARP! All other aspects can be perfect including the subject, beautiful smile, color, composition, texture, and what ever. But if the subject is not sharp, cull it. The image will not be used.
    4. Only publish pictures you would be proud to hang on a wall with your name under it.

  2. Fill in the IPTC metadata. In particular, add your name and contact information. Occasionally the Museum may need to contact the image creator for improvements. (mostly a larger image) See image below.

  3. Export Settings (see image below)
    1. 2000 pixels on the longest side. Do not enlarge if heavily cropped.
    2. sRGB color space
    3. Use between 60% and 80% jpeg compression.
    4. I recommend keeping the same file name. This will make it easier to find the original. The File Naming Example below is the date-time-event-originalFileName. Sorting on the file name gets all the derivative files bunched up no-matter when they were edited. I wish I knew about that trick a long time ago.
    5. Do not sharpen. They can do it later if necesary.
    6. Include all your metadata.
    7. DON'T watermark!

  4. In the "HeritageFarmsteadMuseum" DropBox, create a directory with your name. Copy the files to that directory.
    The link to the HeritageFarmsteadMuseum dropbox is here. This Dropbox link allows Read Only access. An invitation must be sent to drop files into the drop box. Send me an eMail so I can send you an invitation.

  5. Enjoy!